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The Redesigh of Sout...
We accumulatedk much knowledge about the use of medicine and ensure the safety;Medicine maketing help me know marketing skills better. Healhy home make me love myself more. Please pay close attention to medicine and concern to the developing Southeast Medicine.


About Us

Southeast Medicine Group is a group specializes in medicine producting and marketing which consists of Southeast Medicine Logistics Co., Ltd, Quanzhou Southeast Medicine Chain Co., Ltd, Southeast Medicine Co., Ltd, Quanzhou Southeast Medicine Planting Co., Ltd and other four companies. Now, we have 1600 staffs and our company is......


Chain Store
  • ../Dehua Ximen BranchDehua Ximen Branch
  • ../Yongchun Gushang BranchYongchun Gushang Branch
  • ../Yongchun Dapu BranchYongchun Dapu Branch
  • ../Xiamen Houpu BranchXiamen Houpu Branch
  • ../Jinjiang Longtan BranchJinjiang Longtan Branch
  • ../
  • ../Jinjiang Chendai Branch 2Jinjiang Chendai Branch 2
  • ../Jinjiang Luoshan BranchJinjiang Luoshan Branch
  • ../Jinjiang Gouxi BranchJinjiang Gouxi Branch
  • ../Jinjiang Jianan BranchJinjiang Jianan Branch